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Thuringia Netzsch

Thuringia Netzsch

Maschinen- und Anlagenbau

GmbH & Co. KG Sonneberg

Selb, Germany


Feeders: Round Feeders, Feeders: Circular Screen Feeders, Blungers: General, Blungers: Propeller Blungers, Agitators (Preparation), Magnets: Electric, Magnets: Permanent, Riddel Screens, Screening Machines (Preparation), Screen Cloths, Pug Mills, Mills: Pan Mills, Pan Mills with Grit Plates, Mills: Jar Mills (wet & dry), Mills: Ball Mills (wet + dry), Battery Casting Plants, Pressure Casting Plants, De-Airing Plants for Slurries, Casting Machines: Automatic, Handle Casting Plants, De-Airing Plants for Plaster, Moulds for Pressure Casting: Plastic, Plaster Mould Casting Plants, Mixers for Plaster, Polymers (Porous), Dies: Spare Parts, Models, Moulds for Isostatic Presses, Cutters, Cup Forming Machines, Cup Forming Lines, Jigger-Spindles, Jiggering Machines, Insulator Turning Machines, Extruders, Presses: Pot Presses, Extruders: Vacuum Extruders, Roller Machines, Punching Devices for Hollow Ware, Sponge Belts, Sponge Fettling Rollers, Plate Forming Lines, Potters' Wheels, Jollying Machines, Fettling & Sponging Machines, Presses: Isostatic Presses for Tableware, Pressing Tools, Dryers: Belt Dryers, Dryers: Jet Dryers, Dryers: Tile Dryers, Dryers: Chamber Dryers, Dryers: Channel/Tunnel Dryers, Dryers: Fast Dryers, Dryers: Special Dryers, Dryers: General Dryers, Three-Roller-Mills, Jar Mill Frames, Agitators (Glazing/Decorating)]), Jar Mills (Glazing/Decoration), Vibratory Screens (Glazing/Decoration), Exhaust Booths, Pressure Vessels, Engobing Plants, Colour Spraying Plants, Plate Foot Fettling Machines, Glazing Lines, Glaze Cleaning Rubber Belts, Glaze Fettling Machines, Glaze Pumps, Spraying Plants, Spraying Equipment, Dipping Devices, Screen Printing Machines, Back Stamp Application Machines, Decorating Machines, General, Decal Transfer Devices, Lining Machines, Pad Printing Machines, Trouble Shooting for Decoration, Back Stamps and Decoration Stamps, Brushes, Laboratory Processing Plants, Laboratory Mills