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Marcheluzzo S.p.A.

Via Pomaroli, 117
Caldogno (VI)
Fireclay: General, Viscometers, Density Measuring Devices, Dedusting Plants, Pyrometric Rings, Plant Design: General, Transportation Plants, Construction of Complete Plants, Plant Modernisation, Consulting, Technology, Software for Ceramics Industry, Consulting: General, Production Lines, Construction of Production Facilities, Kiln Repairs, High-temperature System Engineering, Plant Protection, Kiln-Commissioning + maintenance, fault analysis and clearance, labor service, R & D-Service, Processing of Ceramics, Heat Exchangers, Ceramics Parts for Machinery Construction, Conveyor Belts: Metal, Conveyors: Screw Conveyors, Conveyors: Chain Conveyors, Conveyors: Steel Slat Conveyors, Handling Systems, Palletizing Plants, Loading/Unloading Devices: General, Silo Discharge Devices, Feeding Belts, Conveyor Belts Supervision, Loading/Unloading Devices: Flat Tableware, Loading/Unloading Devices: Tiles, Elevators, Conveyor Belts: General, Storage Systems, Clay Storage Plants, Wheels and Axles, Kiln Car Transport Systems, Pallet Return Systems, Silo Transports, Transport Systems: General, Crane Running Wheels, Treads, Feeders: Box Feeders, Pelletizing Tables, Triple Belt Dryers, Exhausting Plants, Dedusting Plants (Preparation), Cutters, Cutting Wire, Dryers: Belt Dryers, Dryers: Fast Dryers, Dryers: Special Dryers, Dryers: General Dryers, Dryers: Drum Dryers, Dryers: Tile Dryers, Dryers: Chamber Dryers, Dryers: Channel/Tunnel Dryers, Dryers: Wet Tile Dryers, Fans, Dryer Insulating Panels, Trays, Dryer Cars, Engobing Plants, Kiln Furniture: General, Kiln Car Linings, Kilns: Chamber Kilns, Kilns: Continuous, General, Kilns: Annealing Kilns, Kilns: Roller Kilns, Kilns: Fast Firing, General, Kilns: Tunnel Kilns, Kilns: Pressure Kilns, Kilns: Pusher-Type Kilns, Kilns: Electric Kilns, Kilns: Shuttle Kilns, Kilns: High-temperature Kilns, Burners: Solid Fuel Burners, Heat Recovery Plants, Burners: Gas Burners, Cooling Systems, Burners: Oil Burners, Burner Plants, Kiln Cars, Packaging Machines, Strapping Machines, Industrial Packaging, Process Sensor Technology, Control Software, Plant Networks Installations, Process Visualisation, Process Control Computers, Process Automation

Pre-Drying in the Production of Sanitaryware – KOHLER’s Experience

May 13, 2022
Drying is an important process in the production of sanitaryware, due to the critical issues...