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Agrilia Site, Vassiliko
Chalkida Evia
Measuring Devices: General, Waste Recycling, Dedusting Plants, Roller Shells, Pyrometric Rings, Plant Design: General, Construction of Complete Plants, Plant Modernisation, Consulting, Technology, Preparation Plants, Restructuring of Factories, Software for Ceramics Industry, Consulting: General, Production Lines, Granulating Plants, Construction of Production Facilities, Grinding Plants, Kiln Repairs, High-temperature System Engineering, Kiln-Commissioning + maintenance, Construction of Moulds, Refractory + Kiln Construction, R & D-Service, Second Hand Machines, Roll Doors, Heat Exchangers, Conveyor Belts: Metal, Conveyors: Screw Conveyors, Conveyors: Chain Conveyors, Handling Systems, Palletizing Plants, Loading/Unloading Devices: General, Feeding Belts, Conveyor Belts Supervision, Loading/Unloading Devices: Tiles, De-Hacking Plants: automatic, Conveying Systems: Mechanical, Conveying Systems: Pneumatical, Conveyor Belts: General, Storage Systems, Transfer Cars, Kiln Car Transport Systems, Pallet Return Systems, Silo Transports, Transport Systems: General, Feeders, Weighing Belts, Weighing Systems, Feeders: Box Feeders, Feeders: Circular Screen Feeders, Screening Machines (Preparation), Metal Detectors, Dies, Dies Cores, Cutters, Cutting Wire, Dryers: Fast Dryers, Dryers: General Dryers, Dryers: Chamber Dryers, Dryers: Channel/Tunnel Dryers, Fans, Burners: Auxiliary Burners, Dryer Insulating Panels, Thermometers, Dryer Cars, Glazing Lines, Kiln Furniture: General, Suspended Roofs, Kiln Car Linings, Kilns: Chamber Kilns, Kilns: Continuous, General, Kilns: Tunnel Kilns, Kilns: Shuttle Kilns, Burners: Solid Fuel Burners, Thermocouples, Burners: Gas Burners, Cooling Systems, Burners: Oil Burners, Burner Plants, Kiln Cars, Stack: Automatic Tile Stackers, Packaging Machines, Stretch hood wrapping machines, Strapping Machines, Industrial Packaging, Switch Boards, Temperature Measuring Devices, Temperature Controllers, Moisture Measuring Devices, High-temperature Measurement Technology, Control Software, Process Visualisation, Process Control Computers, Process Automation

Enter Prefabrication by Investing Smart –Redblocsystems and SABO have the Solution

June 13, 2022
SABO has commissioned for Redblocsystems a new line for the production of prefabricated wall elementsin...