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INMATEC Technologies GmbH Expands Capacities for Feedstock Production

A niche technology is gaining ground: Ceramic Injection Moulding (CIM) is becoming increasingly popular and convincing more and more users. As a result, the demand for ceramic feedstock has grown rapidly in recent years. INMATEC Technologies GmbH has significantly expanded its production capacities and adapted them to the increased order volume. The company from Rheinbach/DE was able to strengthen its worldwide market leadership in development and production of feedstock for the CIM process.

glasstec Postponed to 2021

The effects of the coronavirus have now also impacted glasstec 2020, which will be postponed to 15–18 June 2021.

Passionate about Graphite – for 20 Years

Dr-Ing. Rolf Terjung founded Graphite Materials/DE in 2000. Since then, the company in Oberasbach near Nuremberg has focused on special graphite and its diverse application possibilities in the industry.


Battery Innovation and Technology Centre Opens in the Industrial Area Erfurter Kreuz

With a funding of EUR 13,5 million from the Free State of Thuringia/DE, the Battery Innovation and Technology Center (BITC)/DE began its work on 10 July 2020, in the industrial area Erfurter Kreuz.


Ceramic 3D-Printing for Fast, Safe and Cheaper Production of Vaccines

The NESSIE research project makes it possible, for the first time, to produce highly complex vaccines in large quantities at low cost using ceramic 3D-printing. The novel process makes vaccines available to countries that previously could not afford the high cost of essential vaccines such as measles or rubella. The recent pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus shows the world the importance and the great need of vaccines that can effectively combat such diseases. However, the development of an effective vaccine involves a lot of effort and the highest safety standards.



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