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WIENERBERGER and BONGIOANNI STAMPI Keep on Developing New Roofing Tiles Together

Tuesday, September 01, 2020

WIENERBERGER Group/AT, leading tile producer, continues trusting on BONGIOANNI/IT for the development of new roofing tiles with innovating features, suitable to satisfy their market.

Storm Pan Vario 18, Romane, OVH Varion, and VHV Vario
Storm Pan Vario 18, Romane, OVH Varion, and VHV Vario

The year 2019 gave birth to the following roofing tiles:
• Storm Pan Vario 18 produced in the Pottelberg factory in Belgium;
• Roman roofing tile manufactured in the Seltz factory in France;
• OVH Vario and VHV Vario roofing tiles made in the Narvik Deest factory in The Netherlands.
All these roofing tiles show a traditional look, incorporate a set of exclusive and cutting-edge elements for an enhanced weather performance and an easy mounting on the roofs in all Europe.
Due to its developing and prototyping system, BONGIOANNI STAMPI was able to rapidly project these roofing tiles and their fittings range, ensuring that these products were able to meet WIENERBERGER’s needs by maintaining the imperative building requirements.
The new roofing tile were developed using the most innovating technology on the market, such as 3D-files and quick roofing tile prototyping, permitting to rapidly meet the market request and the necessary construction criteria. The new roofing tiles and their fittings entered in the high-quality range production of WIENERBERGER’s catalogue.