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Franco Stefani Receives the Award “Ceramics in Europe 2022”

Monday, February 27, 2023

The machines and technological solutions of System Ceramics/IT, a company in the Coesia Group/IT, have always been synonymous throughout the world with quality and innovation.

This axiom has received further confirmation thanks to the Ceramics in Europe 2022 Award which has honoured President Franco Stefani with the Gian Nicola Babini (Industrial) Award for the Lamina technology created by him and patented by System Ceramics. The Award, presented during the Conference of the European Ceramic Society (held 10–14 July 2022 in Krakow/PL), recognises his essential contribution to the European ceramics industry with an industrial process and an innovative technology which is unique in the world: an evolution that has opened up the way of an original product with significant technical and aesthetic potential to new use and market segments.

Franco Stefani and System Ceramics started transforming the ceramic world with the Lamina industrial process 1970, when the company was founded. Moving from the idea of a single tile, in fact, to an authentic surface of 1800 mm × 4800 mm with thicknesses that can vary from 3–30 mm, System Ceramics raised a product traditionally intended for floors and wall coverings into to an authentic furnishing element. This is thanks to a literally revolutionary technology essentially based on a very powerful mouldless press – System Ceramics’
feather in its cap, from Lamgea to today’s Superfast – which has combined innovation, technology and architecture to give free reign to creativity and open up new markets in the ceramics sector.