cfi Newsletter Hot Topics 1/2021, Part 2

NEWSLETTER 1/2021, Part 2

China Continues to Dominate Cathode Production

In 2020, China continued to dominate global Li-ion battery cathode production, producing 68 % of cathode materials. Globally, 96 % of cathode materials are expected to be produced by East Asian manufacturers this year. However, this will change, but by how much is the question.

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Modeling Eternity in the Rock Laboratory

Cement is one of the key materials for the safe storage of radioactive waste. What is needed is an almost infinite durability of the containers. Empa/CH researchers are therefore analyzing material systems that can handle this task. Barbara Lothenbach from Empa's Concrete & Asphalt Laboratory is investigating cement-based materials, which are suitable for the disposal of radioactive waste.

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#RIETERMORANDODiscoveringSolutions Webinar Series

The pandemic has affected our way of living but also our way of working. The proximity with our clients has been compromised by the restrictions and the safety regulations worldwide. That's why we have thought to develop a series of WEBINARS called #DisoscoveringSolutions.

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ITC Advances in Circular Economy with LIFE HYPOBRICK

The Spanish Institute of Ceramic Technology (ITC) is the coordinating body of the European LIFE HYPOBRICK project, which is committed to researching processes that help to implement the principles of the circular economy, as well as fight against the negative effects of climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions. This is why it is making progress in the development of LIFE HYPOBRICK, co-financed by the LIFE Programme (LIFE 18/CCM/ES/001114) and with the support of the Instituto Valenciano de Competitividad Empresarial (IVACE) of the Generalitat Valenciana, the Valencian Autonomous Government.

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Marcheluzzo S.p.A.: High Efficiency Ventilation in Brick Drying

Marcheluzzo´s three goals regarding brick drying are: Metamorphosis, Conditions Efficiency. Clay as a primary element has accompanied the evolution of mankind: from manual dough to drying in the sun. In the digital era, the drying process underwent multiple plant-based changes in a continuous confrontation with the water to be evaporated from the  brick.

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Formnext + PM South China debuts in September 2021

The inaugural edition of Formnext + PM South China will be held in Shenzhen from 9–11 September 2021. With the promising prospects for the development of Additive Manufacturing (AM) in China, especially in the South China region, the new fair is set to be a melting pot for information exchange on various industry issues. The fair will also assist industry players to unlock extensive business opportunities in the fields of advanced materials, and innovative manufacturing technologies and equipment.

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Mini Power Plants from Coated Algae

Blue-green algae are among the oldest living creatures on earth and have perfected the use of sunlight over billions of years. Empa/CH scientists have now equipped these humble unicellular organisms with semiconductor coatings to create mini power plants, which supply biofuels and are photocatalytically active in sunlight. And what's best: the chemical reactions are circular – they form a sophisticated raw materials cycle.

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