cfi Newsletter Hot Topics 2/2021


Tecnargilla to be Held in 2022

The next edition of Tecnargilla, the foremost global exhibition of ceramic technologies and solutions organised by ACIMAC/IT and IEG – Italian Exhibition Group, will be held in September 2022 in the Rimini Exhibition Centre in keeping with a tradition that has cemented the show’s status as the leading international trade fair in the sector and the global hub of technological and aesthetic innovation.

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Ceramic Injection Moulding

Ceramic Injection Moulding (CIM) has grown in popularity and impact over the past few years. The growing market, new industries that rely on injection-moulded technical ceramic components and a continuous expansion of the product range have led to an increasing hunger for ceramic feedstocks. INMATEC Technologies GmbH/DE, as a leader in the development and production of CIM compounds, reacted to this trend and expanded its production capacities by more than 50 %.

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Brick Development Association (BDA) Launched Brickmakers Quality Charter (BQC)

The Brick Development Association (BDA) launched in March 2021 a new Brickmakers Quality Charter (BQC) to provide the whole British supply chain from client to end user with assurances as to the product, manufacturing and ethical standards of BQC holders. Supported in Great Britain by the Builders’ Merchants Federation, the Association of Brickwork Contractors and others, any clay brick manufacturer, irrespective of where they operate, can apply for the BQC. To be approved and accepted, companies must demonstrate their compliance to a range of existing internationally recognized protocols and standards like ISO 9001, BES 6001, ISO 14001 or ISO 50001.

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FEM – Finite Element Method for Optimizing of Roofing Tiles

In order to satisfy at best the customer’s needs, Bongioanni/IT has developed some innovative techniques aimed at further improving the roofing tiles geometry design. Thanks to the FEM – Finite Element Method calculation, it is indeed possible to obtain the best mechanical resistance for roofing tiles by optimising weight and reducing the energy that is necessary to produce and transport the roofing tiles.

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Imerys Opens its Extended European Technology Center for Performance Minerals in Toulouse, France

Imerys opened new facilities at its European Technology Center for performance minerals. Over an area of some 2500 m², the new site will focus Imerys’ R&D resources on its key markets, while at the same time enabling knowledge to be shared with our other laboratories elsewhere in Europe, USA and Asia.

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High-End Al2O3 Ceramics: Easy to Get with New Ready-to-Press Material from Nabaltec

There are two main reasons for using alumina in ceramic applications. First, there are technical reasons, when certain material characteristics are needed and second, there are commercial considerations, aiming to get these features at an affordable cost­-value ratio. The most important reason is usually on technical side, as Al2O3 is an excellent choice when engineered parts are applied under rigid conditions. In this oper­ation purpose the high number of material advantages of alumina is beneficial. Properties like excellent thermal creep resistance, high thermal conductivity and the remarkable electric insulation are the main reasons why alumina is used in a variety of E&E applications. 

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SACMI Approves the 2020 Annual Report: Sales and Employment Stable, Technological Leadership Confirmed

Sales above EUR 1,1 billion, net equity stable at EUR 682 million – moreover, the number of employees remained steady at almost 4600 and the company retained its technological leadership on all markets. These were the key SACMI Group/IT stats, contained in the 2020 Annual Report approved by the Board of Directors and presented to the parent company’s Members’ Assembly. These figures represent an extraordinary response to a year marred by the pandemic: a year that saw, especially in the first two quarters, interruptions to international supply chains and the temporary suspension of manufacturing in some sectors.

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Bedeschi in Australia

Bedeschi´s/IT interest in environmental safeguard has always been one of the company’s major key points. Today, more than ever, in order to continue its engagement in sustainability, Bedeschi is implementing continuously its R&D skills with innovative solutions compatible with the strictest environmental standards. The introduction of hi-tech features and automated machinery have increased the product range offered by Bedeschi to its customers in the bricks sector. 

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Fig. 1 Bedeschi hi-tech programming and loading line
with remote assistance

Fig. 2 Example of a Bedeschi green field turnkey plant
for the production of facing bricks (Russia)

German Clay Brick and Tile Industry Presents Roadmap to Climate Neutrality by 2050

By 2030, CO2 emissions in Europe are to be reduced by 55 % compared to 1990. In 2050, Europe, and accordingly Germany, too, will be climate-neutral. The road to this destination is like a marathon, the transformation process necessary for this is huge and complex. The German brick and tile industry is pledged to accepting its responsibility: in the roadmap for a greenhouse-gas-neutral brick and tile industry in Germany published at the end of March 2021, the sector describes its road to climate neutrality by 2050, with the associated challenges along the way.

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Lauffer E-Line – Highest Precision and IoT Connectivity

Since mid-2020, Lauffer/DE has been widening its product portfolio with the addition of servo-electric presses of the E-Line generation. Key feature of these E-Line presses is their excellent performance in respect of positioning accuracy and repeatability during pressing. The E-Line rounds off the Lauffer press portfolio in the pressing force range below 630 kN. Pressing trials and application in product operations show that the E-Line is setting a new benchmark for precision and quality stability.

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New Start for Trade Fairs in Bavaria: Messe München Looks to the Future with Optimism

Trade fair events will once again be possible in the Free State of Bavaria/DE as of 1 September 2021. This new start is an important signal for the Bavarian economy and the events industry. As early as July, the TrendSet Symposium will take place in Munich as a pilot trade fair. The comprehensive hygiene and infection protection concept will be implemented there for the first time, with other events such as IAA MOBILITY, EXPO REAL, Outdoor by ISPO and productronica to follow in Munich in fall.

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More Products – Less Kiln Furniture

Saint-Gobain’s XXL plates made of advanced silicon carbide allow for increased setting space and a reduction of refractory material resulting in lower energy consumption. Outstanding material properties combined with extensive sizing options can support diverse automated handling systems.

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CeramTec Launches Newsletter Publication

CeramTeclaunches "MedTech Pulse", a cross-disciplinary publication from the world of medical technology – and beyond. The digital publication, developed and elaborated together with Axel Springer, is aimed at all stakeholders in the healthcare sector who are driving development and digitalisation and who have an interest in innovations from the MedTech environment. In it, you will find unique perspectives and insights, important news, and inspiring conversations with impulse generators. The topics range from insights into start-up activities to current trends and technology information.

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