cfi Newsletter Hot Topics 4/2021


SACMI-SAMA PHO Isostatic Presses – New Frontiers in Forming Technologies

With its range of latest generation isostatic presses PHO451 and PHO700, SACMI-SAMA leads the way as sole supplier of horizontal presses for tableware able to manufacture pieces having a diameter (before firing) between 110-480 mm. Already supplied to the top customers in the industry, these new design presses bring to more than 520 the total number of SAMA/DE machines installed throughout the world, which is why SACMI-SAMA is renowned for its extensive know-how and expertise in this field.

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Italian Ceramic Glaze and Colour Producers Voice Concerns about Raw Materials and Energy

Ceramicolor, the Italian Association of Ceramic Glaze, Inorganic Pigment and Metal Oxide Manufacturers, confirms the serious concerns amongst sector companies about raw materials supply issues and the soaring energy and logistics costs, all of which are having a severe impact on their operations. 

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Nabaltec AG Confirms Preliminary Results for Q3 2021 with Increased Revenue Forecast for the Year as a Whole

In its 3/2021 quarterly report, Nabaltec AG/DE confirms the preliminary figures with consolidated revenue of EUR 140,6 million in the first nine months of 2021, corresponding to a gain of 18,3 % compared to the same period from the previous year (EUR 118,9 million). Quarterly revenue for the third quarter was EUR 46,7 million, up 25,9 % from the same period last year (EUR 37,1 million), when Nabaltec was hit hard by the effects of the pandemic. The operating profit (EBIT) in the first nine months of 2021 was EUR 17,0 million, compared to EUR 5,0 million in the same period of last year. The EBIT margin (EBIT as a percentage of total performance) was 12,3%. EBITDA was EUR 26,5 million in the first nine months of 2021, compared to EUR 16,4 million in the same period from the previous year (+61,6 %).

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Marcheluzzo Supplies Automatic Brick Production Line to Romanian Company

Leader in the production of complete plants for the brick industry, Marcheluzzo S.p.A./IT has developed the second fully automatic production line for the company EURO POROTON S.A. in Romania 16 years after the first construction, which took place in 2005. The total production of the two lines now reaches 1000 t/d with the possibility of producing various types of products simultaneously. The very good relationship between customer and supplier established from the beginning, has led to the development of a new flexible line with low environmental impact while maintaining very low levels of energy consumption. The latter topic is also fundamental for a better sales strategy on the local market. The supply has touched all sectors of production.

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Italian Ceramic Machinery: 45 % Growth in Turnover in 2021

2021 has been a year of recovery for the Italian ceramic machinery and equipment industry, bringing a 45 % growth in sales to EUR 2145 million. The Italian market has performed strongly, gaining 58 % with respect to the previous year to reach a total of EUR 623 million. However, exports continue to make up the lion’s share of the total with a value of EUR 1522 million, up 40 % on 2020.

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