Materials, Additives, Mixes

ICF & WELKO – Spray Drying Technology

ICF & WELKO/IT has been designing, building and assembling turnkey plants for powder production, for over 50 years, with growing success in various sectors.

Paper presented at QUALICER 2020

Design of Inkjet Ink Formulation for Reducing VOCs and Odours in the Ceramic Tile Manufacturing Process

The VITALIS research project studies and evaluates different raw materials for inkjet inks formulation.

German Chamotte Specialist Invests in Preparation Technology from EIRICH

Chamotte products are among the oldest refractory materials, with application limits extending to above 1400 °C depending on the Al2O3 content.

Paper presented at QUALICER 2020

Phyllite as Feldspar Substitute in Porcelain Stoneware Tiles: Effect on Sintering Behaviour and Phase Composition

The objective of this work was to report the preliminary results of substituting feldspar by phyllite in a typical Brazilian porcelain stoneware batch (i.e., sericite instead of K-feldspar as flux).

Paper presented as poster at QUALICER 2020

Partial Replacement of Zircon by Waste Kiln Rollers

In the interest of cost reduction, ceramic tile manufacturers and suppliers have for several years been conducting various studies and industrial trials for the replacement of zirconium silicate, which is used for lending whiteness and opacity, by alternative materials.



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