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DORST Spray Technologies – Tailoring your Solution with Innovation and Expertise

In response to the ever-evolving needs of the market, with a focus on customer value, DORST TECHNOLOGIES/DE launches the expansion of the SMART-Spray Dryer Series.

POWTECH 2022 is the perfect occasion to present the innovative design, which will transform the market. This SMART-Spray Dryer-Series is an all-in-one solution for small-scale production, offering enormous flexibility in the spray drying process.

The SMART-Spray Dryer Series has up to 30 kg/h water evaporation capacity, and is closely related to the SMART-Lab, which focuses on laboratory and research and development needs. The customer has the opportunity to spray in both co- and counter-current processes, and with a two-fluid nozzle or an atomizer. The position of the spray nozzles is adjustable so that the suspension is dried uniformly, producing a homogenous granulometry, as shown with CFD simulations. Depending on the desired granulate particle size, the sprayed granulate can be extracted via two different configurations: through the cone and cyclone separately, or directly through the cyclone. Likewise, the smooth, high-quality surface of the interior of the vessel ensures a natural flow of the sprayed granulate during the process of extraction.

The SMART-Spray Dryer Series has also been designed with practicality in mind: all the main components are easily dismounted without any tooling for cleaning, and two 750 mm x 750 mm doors provide optimum access inside of the equipment. The design of a swivel lower conus is also an innovative solution for reaching difficult zones to clean. The spray dryer lance has a quick-coupling action which allows fast exchanging at any time without stopping the process, thereby avoiding loss of production capacity.

DORST knows how important it is to observe the process closely during the spraying. This not only gives the operator first-hand reassurance that everything is working as desired, but also offers the opportunity to learn. For this reason, DORST has implemented various easily accessible inspection windows. In addition to observing, it is also important to measure and monitor the process. The spray dryer is equipped with a number of sensors to control and assure the quality of the production. The user-friendly and self-explanatory control system also prioritizes the convenience of the user.

Just like the SMART-Lab, the new equipment can also be delivered largely pre-assembled and folded flat, to be easily transported in a horizontal position. With its integrated hydraulic elevation system, the tower can be erected quickly and efficiently without the needing a crane. It is a “plug & spray” solution, where the equipment can be operational in short time.

At DORST´s Tech Center in Kochel am See in Germany, in the company´s spray dryer plants for trials, the customer has the opportunity to optimize the properties of the granulate with their own material, testing different types of nozzles and pumps in order to define the most accurate configuration and process parameters using state of the art measuring equipment to characterize slurries and granulates.

With more than 50 years of experience, and over 400 spray dryer plants manufactured for clients all around the world and across a broad range of industries, DORST TECHNOLOGIES is an expert in the design and construction of spray drying plants, as well as in the process of spray drying itself. With this knowledge and expertise, the company is also able to propose and develop tailored solutions together with its customers, to bring their plants in line with the current market priorities: lower energy consumption, emission reductions, increased efficiency and greater flexibility in the air heating system.

Visit DORST TECHNOLOGIES at POWTECH 2022 and discover more about DORST’s spray drying technologies and solutions. DORST looks forward to meeting you there.

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