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Enhancing Your Ceramics Production: Efficient Kilns Ready for the Future with Keramischer OFENBAU

In the realm of ceramics production, efficiency and reliability are paramount: Keramischer OFENBAU/DE, your global partner in the sintering process, provides you with both. Our engineering prowess has been the cornerstone of innovative kiln technology for decades. Rooted in tradition yet propelled by innovation, we have developed an unmet expertise in individualised cutting-edge technology.

Across more than 50 countries worldwide, our tailored kiln plants stand as testaments to German engineering at its finest. Efficiency, quality, and reliability converge in every project we take on, ensuring optimal performance and customer satisfaction.

At the heart of our success lies a dedicated team, whose expertise and flexibility drive us toward a singular goal: building the kiln of the future. Through meticulous engineering and decades of hands-on experience, we can provide both precision and innovation.

Whether constructing cutting-edge new kiln plants or modernizing existing kilns, our team excels in maximizing efficiency, safety, and quality. With our economical ecologically sensible EnerViT technology, energy and emission savings of up to 50 % are within reach. And Keramischer OFENBAU heat exchangers provide the potential for additional savings.

From tunnel to shuttle to roller kilns, powered by gas, electricity, or hydrogen, we offer a spectrum of options to suit your ceramic production needs. Embracing electric heating, our new plants pave the way for energy independence, while our EnerViT H2 ready technology future-proofs existing gas-fired systems for operation with up to 100 % hydrogen.

We employ state-of-the-art setting technology and maximum automation while ensuring excellent temperature distribution and product quality. With advanced energy management systems and modern weighing technology, we optimize your processes for peak efficiency.

From technical and structural ceramics to table- and sanitaryware, from fuel cells to solid-state batteries: Keramischer OFENBAU delivers unmatched temperature control and efficiency, empowering you to achieve perfection in production. Our bespoke solutions cater to every requirement, fostering sustainability and success.

Would you like to learn more about our newest innovations? Get in touch and we will provide you with our case studies. From electric tunnel kilns for sanitaryware to SOFC production in electric roller kilns to hydrogen heated tunnel kilns – we will show you how you can prepare for the ceramics industry of tomorrow.

Energy efficiency isn’t just a goal – it’s a mindset. At Keramischer OFENBAU, we’re committed to innovation and sustainability, offering solutions that are as cool as they are efficient.

To learn more about the kiln of the future, connect with our experts at ceramitec 2024, booth A5.322 or get in touch via

Let’s shape the future of the industry together!

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