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Haver & Boecker and Hosokawa Alpine Create NEXOPART

As of April, the joint venture company NEXOPART manages all laboratory-relevant products of Haver & Boecker/DE and Hosokawa Alpine/DE under one roof. NEXOPART has been created with 50 % each from the two renowned parent companies. On 1 April 2023, the NEXOPART brand was officially be introduced to the market as a manufacturer of premium products in the field of particle analysis. The air jet sieve from Hosokawa Alpine stands for the analysis of very fine powders and completes the conventional sieve an­aly­sis from Haver & Boecker. Thus, NEXO­PART offers a coherently interlocking product portfolio for the field of particle analysis from a single source. Through the merger, NEXOPART bundles all processes and the entire product portfolio under one roof. In addition to faster delivery times, this also results in better product availability. This is a great advantage for order­ing test sieves in particular. By bundling the entire product portfolio, NEXOPART is able to react promptly to questions or problems and, if necessary, immediately put you in touch with the right contact person. This results in perfect service for the customer. The product design will initially still be presented as usual and will be adapted to the new brand step by step. The products already bear the name NEXOPART. The name NEXOPART tells the brand story in its shortest form: breaking new ground in particle analysis. Innovative solutions are to set the standards for the next era of work in the powder laboratory. Thus, NEXOPART stands for the “next generation” in the field of particle analysis.

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