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MONO 10T Evolution from SACMI-SAMA – the Very Latest in Automatic Dip Glazing Technology  

A modular design to meet all production requirements simply, quickly and according to personalized specifications. Specially designed for rapid glaze-colour change-over, the strong point of this machine is the extremely low maintenance requirements. In addition, it is the only solution on the market for the automatic glazing of “wash foot” articles. 

SACMI presents MONO 10T Evolution, the latest solution for the automatic dip glazing of cups, mugs and bowls.  The new version has developed from the well-established SACMI-SAMA MONO 10T solution which has been a reference point on the market for over two decades for the automatic glazing of these kinds of tableware articles. A single process, highly automated and efficient, represents the distinguishing feature of this innovative system. The first main advantage of the new machine is its modular design, which gives the customer maximum flexibility in the choice of configurations, thus increasing the ability to customize and to reduce delivery times. 

Developed according to the plug&play logic, this configuration simplifies both the shipment and the assembly and testing stages, allowing for an incremental approach to the investment so the customer can integrate new features over time. Equipped with 10 glaze pots, the MONO 10T Evolution stands out for its main advantages of rapid glaze-colour change-over and reduced maintenance requirements. Furthermore, it is provided with other new features specially conceived to minimize set-up times thus increasing plant availability. Machine movements are controlled by servo-assisted motors to ensure maximum precision of operations. All the settings can be made in a simple and intuitive manner thanks to a PLC interface. Improved accessibility to the machine helps the operator carry out routine cleaning and maintenance operations (for example, the glaze tank can be easily installed or removed from the machine using guides and wheels allowing for fast glaze change-over).   

With the Evolution solution, the mechanism for rotating the glazing arm has also been re-designed in order to optimize the angle at which the pieces are dipped into the glaze and to reduce to a minimum any contact between the glaze and the supports. This further reduces the need and time required for cleaning. When being dipped into the glaze and then removed from the glaze, the cup is rotated to avoid forming drops and residue on the surface, thus guaranteeing perfect quality of the glazed piece. Additional special features have also been introduced to increase machine availability: for example, if a piece should fall into the glaze, the MONO 10T Evolution has a safety valve to hold the rest of the pieces safe on the supports. The machine then automatically stops and removes the article which has fallen into the glaze tank. This feature is a very important benefit especially with single firing production processes.  

Further innovations deal with the pick-up system, specially configured to allow dip-glazing also for wash foot articles, which are now in demand on the market since they are provided with a small incision on the bottom of the cup to help water flow out during a normal washing cycle. Mono 10T Evolution is a unique solution on the market for the automatic glazing of this type of piece.

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