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New Compact SMART Spray Dryer Series for Laboratory and Production – Now Optionally Available with Nozzle or Rotary Atomization

DORST TECHNOLOGIES/DE continues to consequently develop the successful SMART compact series from the laboratory application up to the uncompromising production plant with 30 kg water evaporation capacity per hour. In addition to the proven nozzle atomization, all models of this series, including the mobile laboratory unit SMART LAB ATOMIZER, are now optionally available with high-performance rotary atomization. Existing systems can of course be retrofitted without major effort.

With the rotary atomization system, DORST TECHNOLOGIES is once again expanding the performance spectrum of the SMART compact series. High-frequency rotary atomization at up to 60 000 rpm enables the production of ultra-fine granules for high-performance ceramic materials, battery materials or powders for additive manufacturing methods. There are almost no limits to the variety of applications for processing inorganic and organic materials into dry powders.

The SMART compact series is characterized by largely prefabricated turnkey plants that can be put into operation in the shortest possible time. The double-walled, insulated reactor vessel can be tilted so that the plants can be transported horizontally and easily set up anywhere without a crane. All necessary aggregates such as cyclone unit, dry dust removal, heating unit and control cabinet with visualization are already mounted and connected. As a special feature, the small SMART LAB ATOMIZER is mobile and can be moved by one person at any time with the reactor chamber folded down to save space. The high design quality completely in stainless steel is comparable with food quality and therefore leaves nothing to be desired.

The SMART LAB ATOMIZER with a maximum water evaporation capacity of 5 kg is the ideal system for material development and pilot quantity production in laboratory environments. The unit is delivered from stock complete with all accessories, feed pump, optional wash lance and 2-fluid nozzle for the countercurrent process in a practical trolley. In addition, the laboratory unit can also be equipped with a concurrent nozzle or rotary atomizer organ in the tower ceiling.

When developing the SMART series, great importance was assigned to convenient, simple operation, optimum accessibility, and the most efficient cleaning possible. All components, piping and consumables that come into contact with the material can therefore be removed and reassembled without tools. Excellent accessibility to the drying container is provided for all sizes by two opposing access doors at operating level. From size D20 with a max. water evaporation capacity of 20 kg, a swiveling cone is standard for optimum access from below. A choice of platforms and access ladders to the operating level is available on the larger units. Customized platforms are possible. While the SMART LAB ATOMIZER is heated electrically only, custom production units are available with both electric and gas heating.

The DORST TECHNOLOGIEZENTRUM is the technological competence center for powder shaping, ceramic die casting, extrusion and preparation by spray drying at the headquarters in Kochel am See. Here, customers from all over the world and the DORST experts for powder materials and press technology meet in an environment close to production. Several spray dryer systems ranging from the SMART LAB ATOMIZER to a production plant with 200 kg water evaporation capacity are also always available for short-term demonstrations and customer-specific trials. A wide range of laboratory and analytical equipment for characterizing powders, slurries and pressed parts allows immediate evaluation of test results in dialog with our experienced sales and technical experts.Experience technology at your fingertips at DORST TECHNOLOGIES.

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