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Next-Level Purity: Almatis’ XLS and ULS Products

At Almatis, our commitment to innovation drives us to continually raise the bar in providing top-tier solutions for technical ceramics.  One of the latest advancements in our offerings opens a new era of precision and purity in our calcined alumina portfolio: Extra Low Soda (XLS) and Ultra Low Soda (ULS) products

These cutting-edge formulations mark a pivotal milestone, meticulously crafted to address the demands of the most intricate applications in technical ceramics.

Unique Purity Levels: Elevating Performance Standards

Our commitment to purity extends beyond soda reduction. Almatis’ XLS and ULS products meticulously control all major impurities—silica, calcia, and iron oxide—to levels unparalleled in the industry. This high purity ensures that our products meet and exceed the rigorous requirements of high-tech applications.

Empowering Industries with Precision

The applications of these high-purity products span across industries, where precision is non-negotiable. From semiconductor handling equipment to catalyst carriers, aerospace components, medical devices and electronic substrates, our XLS and ULS products pave the way for enhanced performance, reliability, and efficiency.

Experience Excellence with Almatis

We invite you to explore our enhanced portfolio of XLS and ULS products, designed to meet the exacting standards of the most demanding applications in technical ceramics. Contact us today to discover how our commitment to purity can elevate your projects.

With our more than 100-year expertise and innovation, Almatis is pioneering advancements that redefine standards in technical ceramics. Our XLS and ULS products epitomize our unwavering commitment to precision, purity, and performance, empowering industries to achieve the extraordinary. For inquiries or more information, visit our Technical Ceramics page:

or reach out our team

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