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Nutec Group Announced Change of CEO

Nutec Group/MX has announced effective 1 February 2023, Genaro F. Cueva stepped down from the position of CEO, remaining in his position as Chairman of the Board. He was replaced as CEO by Daniel Llaguno, currently President, Nutec Fibers Division. This transition had been announced internally back in September 2022.

Genaro Cueva began his career at Nutec in 1986, a company established in 1975 by his father Genaro Cueva Barrera. Over time, Nutec Group became a leading international supplier of high-temperature insulationtfibres, fire protection products, astwell as engineered furnaces and thermaltequipment. In January 1993, Genaro Cuevatbecame CEO of Nutec Group. In addition to chairing the Board of Directors, GenarotCueva will continue to oversee strategictrelations, acquisitions, and corporate governance.

Daniel Llaguno holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and Management (ITESM), withtfurther studies at IPADE, EGADE and Harvardt(HBS). He assumed the role of Presidenttof Fibres Division in April 2021. Prior totthat, from 2009, he served as the Presidenttof Nutec Bickley.tEarlier, he had held various sales and management positions of increasing responsibilities, since first joining in 1997.

Nutec Group comprises the following companies: Nutec Fibratec/MX, Nutec Bickley/MX, Nutec Inc/US, Nutec Protective Concepts/US, Nutec Procal/ES, Nutec Europe/ES and Nutec Ibar/BR.

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