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SACMI D3 Qualitrack: the Automatic Smart Solution

The new vision system associates high resolution data acquisition devices, advanced data processing software and an anthromorphic robot. This achieves the complete automation of sanitaryware quality control operations to obtain objective and repeatable results. A further advantage lies in the possibility to store a history of the data.  

Identify, check, sort and trace. These are the requirements of a modern quality control department in the sanitaryware industry. The answer to these needs is the SACMI D3 Qualitrack system, SACMI’s new solution for the automatic inspection of fired pieces; a fully automatic system ensuring accurate, objective and repeatable quality control. Compared to inspection carried out by the human eye – even the most expert one – this system eliminates any degree of variation in the reply, thus saving time and guaranteeing to the customer the maximum level of efficiency in the management of sorting operations. In particular, SACMI D3 Qualitrack combines a HD camera system and sophisticated analysis and control software with an anthromorphic robot, which completely removes the need for manual piece handling operations.

How does it work? The aim of the system is to inspect a product according to a set of instructions, known as “recipes”, developed off-line and dedicated to the individual products to be checked. During the first stage, the system acquires 2D images to check for any surface defects on the piece, then uses 3D images to check dimensions and look for the presence of any deformations. Once this phase, which is entirely carried out by the robot, is completed, there follows a software analysis during which the platform checks for any potential deviation from the pre-set recipe parameters, generating an inspection report by means of the intuitive user-friendly interface. Each report can be displayed remotely from any device connected to the company internet network, smartphone, pc or tablet.

The strong-point of Qualitrack, along with the automation of operations and their total repeatability, is the capacity to generate real time data for all the most important quality parameters (dimensions, deformations, surface defects), assigning each piece a true digital identity associated with a barcode which ensures an objective classification of the product and the possibility to make adjustments to the production process more rapidly and efficiently.

In conclusion, the great advantage of this solution is obtaining objective data which can be stored, together with the possibility for complete personalization of handling operations both upstream and downstream of the system. The further automation of some checks – such as cooling cracks and vacuum tests – and the potential to extend the system to other phases further up the production line (casting and finishing) are some of the next challenges for SACMI that, with its Qualitrack system, is taking another step forwards towards the “lights out factory” in the sanitaryware industry. 

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