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Hall A5.203

Almatis – Innovate Alumina and Beyond for Tomorrow 

Innovate Alumina and beyond for tomorrow – Almatis is the world leader in specialty alumina solutions. Prioritizing safety, quality, sustainability, innovation, and reliable supply. We service our customers with the most innovative specialty alumina products. 

From steelmaking industry and Technical Ceramics, to medical applications and thermal management industries, Almatis aluminas boost your efficiency, improve your specific consumption, and reduce your energy use and carbon footprint. 

Almatis’ innovative products such as ECO-TAB® contribute to your resource savings, capacity improvement, and reduced material consumption while maintaining long refractory life. 

Almatis´ higher purity extra-low and ultra-low calcined alumina products support our customers in the Technical Ceramics, semiconductor and similar associated industries in achieving products with improved dielectric performance and improved chemical resistivity under harsh conditions. 

Besides higher purity, Almatis is focusing on offering even finer products needed for improved performance of ceramics. Reactive aluminas can be offered in submicron sizes having tight top cuts for best performance. For customers in the polishing industry, Almatis is offering the broadest portfolio of alumina based products. Newest developments like the Ultimate series of products, focus on combination of high cut and exceptional shine. 

Our market leading portfolio of products include recently launched calcined aluminas featuring extra-low and ultra-low soda levels, ThermaFill products for the thermal management market, eco-friendly & lower carbon aggregate solutions for the refractory industry and high whiteness calcium aluminate cements and many other specialty products. They are known to perform consistently, anywhere, anytime, every time. 

The Almatis legacy and leading position in the industry is distinguished by more than 100 years of research and development into alumina. 

With 1000 employees in 8 production locations around the world, Almatis has the largest operational footprint in the industry. We are focused on regional supply chain solutions and in increasing our production capabilities for regional markets and customers. 

We look forward to meeting with you at CERAMITEC 2024 to discuss how our products may offer new solutions for your business. 

You can find us in Hall A5, Booth 203. 

Think alumina, think Almatis. 

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