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ECT-KEMA GmbH – a New Facility in Markersdorf near Görlitz

“If you have a goal, then at some point you have to start running to reach it, otherwise the goal will run away from you.” These were the words chosen by Torsten Seidel, Managing Director of ECT-KEMA GmbH, to herald the ceremonial laying of the foundation stone for the company’s new facility in Markersdorf near Görlitz on 9 June 2023. This groundbreaking event was attended by the company’s employees, the mayor of Markersdorf, bank representatives along with other guests.

The ECT-KEMA was founded in late 2012 by Frank Händle as an ancillary operation for ECT GmbH, as the majority of the machines developed by ECT were produced at KEMA. The portfolio comprised ECT’s innovative developments – ECT itself having been set up in 2002 – alongside the marketestablished machines engineered by KEMA GmbH, the successor to the Richard Raupach Maschinenfabrik GmbH founded in Görlitz in 1878. Having started off with three people working in an approx 50-mÇ office in Hotherstrasse with a view of the River Neisse and Poland lying opposite, under the management of Torsten Seidel, the company has defied some turbulent times and developed over the last 11 years to an internationally operating and renowned player in the extrusion of ceramic and related bodies. In 2014, Frank Händle sold ECT-KEMA and ECT to Hans-Josef Berchtold, who transferred the company after three years to Torsten Seidel. As a senior consultant, Frank Händle remains closely associated with ECT-KEMA GmbH to this day. After 11 years in rented premises, to accommodate the company’s growth and with the aim of optimising internal workflows, it became necessary to think about the company setting up its own production and administration facilities. The decision to build new premises was taken in winter 2022. Preparations began in spring 2023. The site in Markersdorf near Görlitz covers 3 ha, the two-storey administration building with a floor area of 851 mÇ will provide space for up to 40 employees. For assembly in production, an area of 940 mÇ will be available after the first construction phase. As the company feels a connection with ceramics, it has opted for an insulated ceramic façade, which is supplied by Moeding. The plan is to install latest-generation photovoltaic modules on the roof area covering 370 mÇ. To meet the needs of ECT-KEMA’s international customers and growing digitalization, one priority is the installation of the latest technical equipment and optimum working conditions in the administration, laboratory and production facilities. Another key priority is equipping the customer-oriented laboratory, which will be successively upgraded with state-of-the-art machines. The ECT-KEMA team is looking forward to moving to the new premises in spring 2024.

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