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 Revolution in the Production of SIC 

The pressure on SiC raw material producers in times of increasingly stringent political climate regulations is growing: Unfortunately, the common manufacring process of SiC entails that the considerable amount of energy of 7,2 MWh has to be expended to produce one ton of raw SiC. In addition, almost half of the material used does not meet the industrial requirements for technically high-quality products. 

A rethink is required from a climate policy as well as a raw materials strategy point of view. In collaboration with Fraunhofer IKTS in Dresden, ESK-SIC GmH developed and patented an alternative process for the sustainable production of raw SiC. 

The novel RECOSiC technology makes it possible to reduce the resulting emissions by up to 80 % in a conversion without significant losses through the use of high-temperature furnaces under an inert gas atmosphere. 

At the same time, electricity consumption can be reduced to just 2.0 MWh. In addition, the new RECOSiC process offers the possibility of converting low-grade SiC-containing by-products into powder fractions. The RECOSiC material obtained is characterized by a reduced CO2 footprint (0,75 t CO2 per ton of SiC produced) with absolutely equivalent material quality. In the long term, ESK-SIC GmbH is even planning a circular economy model for materials containing SiC. The aim ist o recycle end-of-life ceramics using RECOSiC technology and rturn them to the materials chain. 

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