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Thanks to our specialization in special-purpose machinery and plant construction beginning in 1989, FREY machines continued to develop over the years into individual systems with a high degree of automation. Our battery case press and the FIP series of presses are among our most recent innovations. The battery case press keeps pace with the times, solving the lithium dilemma by using environmentally friendly sodium-nickel-chloride powder. We contribute to the economical production of high-performance energy storage solutions. Our FIP series delivers the unique combination of axial and isostatic pressing. The FIP presses combine the advantages of both press processes, creating new opportunities for production and efficiency. To meet the mounting challenges, we have been researching new and innovative production methods in cooperation with universities and research institutions for several years, further improving the performance and efficiency of the FREY products. 

The portfolio of FREY & Co. GmbH includes axial powder and calibration presses, isostatic powder presses, automation solutions, as well as service and maintenance contracts. 

Fields of application for our powder presses: 

• Dental industry: production of implants and dental bridges made 

of zirconium oxide 

• Medical technology: production of knee and ankle joints made of 

zirconium oxide or aluminium oxide 

• Automobile industry: production of gear wheels, oil pump gears 

and clutch members made of iron powder 

• Hard metal and tungsten carbide industry: production of semifinished products for machining tools 

• Technical ceramics: production of rolling elements, bushings, isolators 

• PTFE: Production of nozzles, seals 

• and much more.