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AICHELIN Signed a Joint Venture with KILNPARTNER 

AICHELIN GesmbH/AT signed a Joint Venture (JV) with KILNPARTNER Mechanical Technology Ltd./CN to meet growing demands from the downstream lithium-ion battery sector mainly in Europe and other rising market areas worldwide. 

The European pioneer in furnace manufacturing, AICHELIN, will join forces with KILNPARTNER, whose experience in manufacturing kilns for the lithium-ion battery and the ceramic industry will help provide premium equipment and auxiliaries for the heat treatment systems as well as the automated handling systems of active materials of batteries. The active materials of batteries are key materials for driving the desired properties of a lithium-ion Battery. IMO Engineering Technology Co. will join the cooperation as a third partner. 

The headquarters of the JV will be in Mödling/AT. It aims to develop, manufacture, and deliver advanced and sustainable equipment for the lithium-ion battery industry. Roller hearth kilns for the heat treatment of the cathode (CAM) and Anode Active Materials (AAM). 

The JV will also provide after-sales services out of the Business Division AICHELIN Services Europe. In short AICHELIN und KILNPARTNER will collaborate on the shared goal of joining resources, know-how, and networks to deliver top quality technological solutions to customers in the battery market.

With its proprietary technology relating to battery powder kilns for active materials in Li-ion batteries, KILNPARTNER believes AICHELIN is a natural fit as a developmental partner. As one of the global manufacturing leaders of heat treatment systems, AICHELIN has ample experience in incorporating different technologies. The Austrian furnace manufacturer is among the major global leaders in manufacturing heat treatment equipment for all types of atmospheric processes with outstanding temperature uniformity. 

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