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Automated Spray Glazing System for Fiskars in Helsinki

Fiskars/FI has been producing single­fired ware for many years. The existing turntable spray glazing system is now to be replaced by a linear spray glazing line with auto­matic loading and unloading. As the system is used to spray different colours of glaze, great value was placed on fast and simple cleaning. The company chose a LIPPERT/DE system based on our references and many years of working together.

The process starts from the delivery of the plates in stacks on pallets. Two pallets at a time are unloaded by a suction head trans­fer system, and the plates are placed on the feed conveyor for the spray glazing system. Before being automatically transferred to the glazing system, the plates are first dusted and stamped. After passing through the glazing booth itself – in which the glaze mist is produced by 8–10 spray guns – the plates are “scooped” out at the end of the glazing system and transferred directly to a sponging belt. The twin sponge belt cleans the foot and then guides the plates to a robot which centres the plates and transfers them to an indexing conveyor, from where the plates are automatically placed on kiln furniture. The robot also acts as a compensator, i.e. in the event of disruption to kiln loading, the glazing system continues to run and the accruing plates are temporarily stored on a buffer conveyor. The buffer conveyor and temporary store have enough capacity for the entire spray booth to be emptied. For ease of cleaning, all the spray gun hold­ ers – which are fixed to a hanging guide block – can be taken out of the booth. The system has a capacity of approx. 1200 plates per hour.

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