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Bedeschi`s New Activities in Algeria and Tunesia

Bedeschi/IT secured three new contracts to supply complete production lines to the Algerian companies SARL BRIQUETERIE SAHARI EL OUTAYA, SARL BRIQUETERIE DJELFA, and SARL BIQUETTERIE ERRAHMA, each with a capacity of 800 t/d.

The production lines are similar to those of the project SARL ELOUTAYA in Biskra, belonging to the AMOURI Group. This plant was set up in record time with the customer’s assistance and is currently in full operation – well in advance in respect to  the contract. Each production line will have a new roller mill equipped with a new grinding system, a fully improved GG 4500 double shaft mixer  and a  BED 750 SLS extruder with a 750 mm auger diameter, having a large mixing grid, double lubrication station for reduction gears, large dimensioned radiators for tropical temperatures and many other innovative devices. Bedeschi is also starting up the construction of a new brick plant for B.A.L. – Briquetterie Amouri Laghouat in Laghouat with a daily capacity of 1400 t. This new plant will have two production lines with six roller mills, and two extruders type BED 750 SLS. The number of Bedeschi operating roller mills in Algeria will reach by that a total of 28 units. In Tlemcen, in the northern part of  Algeria, Bedeschi negotiated and signed with the customers Tafna and Zenata a contract for the supply of one largely dimensioned mixer  type GG 5500, and three box feeders. In Tunisia, Bedeschi delivered in February, after signing the contract in November 2012, a LPS 12×10 roller mill, a GG 4500 mixer, and a BED 750 extruder. All these machines have been supplied to the company´s “historic customer” BKS for modernizing the existing production line B3. Also in Tunisia, but in the southern part of the country, Bedeschi signed with the very important Group Tejra a contract regarding two complete lines consisting of two largely dimensioned box feeders for raw materials, and one RS 650/1500 crusher equipped with two motors. The preparation lines work both with wet and/or dried preparation and are foreseened with a large storage with a big lateral excavator, equipped with 130-l buckets  having a capacity of 130 t/d. At the exit, each line splits into two production lines, each one consisting of a CNL 8/1500 box feeder, a LPS 12×10 roller mill, a GG 4500 mixer filter and a BED 750 SLS extruder. A brick plant able to achieve a daily output of 1800 t will be implemented in Agareb; a second plant with same capacity will be erected in the southern part of Tunisia, in Medenine. All these important projects in Africa are the result of Bedeschi’s solid organization, and its skilled technical staff. In recent years the company located in Limena has expanded and developed the whole engineering division involved in ceramic drying and firing through the employment of more than 20 technical experts coming from other Italian companies active in the same field. Moreover,  strong local offices have been implemented offering all clients  technical support and, above all, quick and reliable service and spare parts supply.

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