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Bongioanni in Belgium

With an experience of more than 50 years, Bongioanni Stampi/IT is a leading company in the production of moulds and equipment for the clay roofing tiles for all types of plants and presses both for main tiles as well as for accessory tiles.

When the Belgian company Koramic (branch of Koramic Tuiles, one of the European leaders in the production of clay roofing tiles) needed to improve the trimming-heads in its factory in Pottelberg, it contacted Bongioanni Stampi. The goal of this study was the reduction of the stopping times of the presses, due to the cleaning of the trimming-heads during the phase of the colour change in production. Effectively, the powders used to obtain the typical colours of Pottelberg amass inside the trimming-heads and consequently, if they are not cleaned, they can pollute the product’s colour, but also clog up the aspiration holes, resulting in a worse roofing tile quality. The study realized in cooperation by the two companies allowed not only a significant reduction of the stopping times during production, but also better ergonomics on the working place.

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