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Bongioanni Stampi: New Range of Extrusion Systems

Bongioanni Stampi has engineered and developed a new range of extrusion systems suitable for a wide assortment of products, and in particular the extrusion die type OMEGA. This is the most innovative extrusion die among those currently available on the market.

All OMEGA’s components that are in direct contact with clay are made of wear-resistant materials to grant over time an excellent quality of the external adjustment and a high resistance to wear and tear. In particular, the columns of the core-holding bridge are entirely fabricated by means of CNC machines, and have an appropriate square section that allows to use wear-resistant steels available on the market in the form of plates. Besides that, attention has been focused on the welding process, provided only where necessary, and executed by using TIG technology applying bars made of the same material. It is also important to emphasize that alternative materials, such as for instance aluminium, have been used to manufacture some of the components which are not in contact with the extruded clay by aiming of reducing the overall weight for an easier handling.
The die has a new lubrication system for the externally-adjustable brakes which consists of external greasers and sliding plates made of Teflon, on which the brakes slide. The brakes have a higher thickness in ­order to increase the friction surface and, as a result, the braking incidence. Spare parts for all components of the extrusion die are available allowing replacement of any extrusion die part directly on-site thus avoiding to send it back to the manufacturer.

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