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Calsitherm Group Acquired International Syalons

International Syalons (Newcastle) Ltd./GB has been acquired in full by Calsitherm Verwaltungs GmbH/DE, and now is part of the Calsitherm Group.

In addition, the Board of Directors has taken this opportunity to retire, and as such International Syalons extends its thanks to Tony Mitchell (MD and Chairman), Bill Teasdale, Ian Denton (Operations Director), Valerie Denton (Health, Safety and Quality Officer), and Christine Mitchell (Company Secretary) for their outstanding services and contribution over many years.
Calsitherm Group is global leader in the production and supply of high temperature, fire protection, refractory linings and advanced anti-mould insulation for domestic and industrial applications, as well as heat resistant textiles, coatings, castings, ver­mi­culite and fused silica parts and high-dens­ity calcium silicates for use in non-ferrous molten metal processing.
International Syalons was established in the early 1970s as a development company ­under the name Lucas Syalon Ltd./GB within Lucas Industries following the discovery of SiAlON ceramics at Newcastle University/GB. Following a joint venture with Cookson Industries/GB in 1982, International Syalons became an independent company in 1994 following a management buy-out. International Syalons has grown steadily since the 1990s and is now GB’s leading supplier of SiAlON and silicon nitride based advanced ceramics, supplying products with excellent high-temperature properties to ­industries such as molten-metal handling and metal forming, aerospace and auto­motive, industrial wear, oil and gas, welding, ­chem­ical processing, and high-tem­pera­ture sensing.

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