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CAPACCIOLI – Leader in the Design and Manufacture of Complete Systems in the Brick Industry

We Develop and Integrate Improvement

Proud to be Italian manufacturer, CAPACCIOLI has earned the title of leader in the design and manufacture of complete systems for the brick industry. The company offer innovative solutions in the field of industrial automation applied to various sectors. Thanks to its team of engineers and a staff of highly qualified specialists, CAPACCIOLI is a company in continuous expansion in the global markets and they propose to their international customers the best technical solutions for all of their needs, adopting a personalised and “tailor-made” approach, which has always been a guarantee of reliability, durability and efficiency.

Connecting its experience of over 70 years to the world of mechanics, automation, robotics and electronics, CAPACCIOLI propose itself as a single supplier for a complete range of services, pushing the boundaries of innovation always one step ahead and bringing the performance of their customers to constantly better levels.

The CAPACCIOLI Group Creates Innovative and Customised Technological Solutions

From the analysis of the raw material to the development of the feasibility study, from consulting to the conception of the engineering concept, from project management to the implementation of the systems, up to customer service that includes an attentive and dynamic after-sales service. Every day, challenges are faced with the attitude of a true partner, to meet the needs of customers and propose the best customised engineering solutions. Highly flexible solutions, absolutely “tailor-made” to improve business processes with a view to greater environmental sustainability and greater safety at work for operators.

Each customer is unique and brings with him or her a series of needs and challenges that must be faced in an always different way, adopting a sartorial mentality that has the goal of customising and finding tailor-made solutions. This philosophy has always been the basis of our planning. However, in our way of operating, we have established some essential steps for the success of a job: they constitute our operational approach and allow us to abandon the simple guise of suppliers to wear those of partners.

In particular, we can identify three crucial moments that distinguish the relationship between our operating team and the customer company; a stable and lasting relationship that is designed to last over time, starting from simple initial advice up to the after-sales assistance.

Contact and Analysis

The first stage of the work is making contact with the customer. During a first meeting we focus on the purpose of the work and give life to a feasibility study, accompanied by an inspection and a preliminary H&S evaluation to then arrive at the definition of a proposal.

Design and Implementation

Once the manufacturer accepts the proposal, we move on to the actual technical design involving the manufacture, mechanical processing, welding and assembly. The whole process is managed internally. Following internal tests and the delivery of the work to the site manager, before check out we perform a Factory Acceptance Test of the machinery in the presence of the customer. All this is accompanied by accurate risk management processes to ensure all social, environmental, health and safety impacts

Delivery and Assistance

This phase takes place directly at the site established by the customer. Installation is followed by an on-site test and H&S validation. A dedicated account is therefore assigned to each customer. For all the customer’s needs, we remain at the customer’s side with proactive after-sales assistance, even remotely.


We look after our customers, our team, the territory, the environment, our products. We know that our success can’t be obtained without abiding by this concept, and for this reason, every day, we work to put our professionalism and our passion in everything we do.


We love to achieve goals together.Together with colleagues, partners, customers, suppliers and stakeholders. We believe in teamwork, we respect and value differences by relating sectoral skills, specific resources and values to achieve innovative solutions. Our mission is to be the best partners with whom to cross the finish line of shared goals.


We have respect for work, for the environment, for our employees, for customers who rely on us, for the resourcefulness, for the value of “Made in Italy”. Relating to so many interlocutors also means for us to take responsibility. This is why we are committed to always acting in a proactive way, managing with integrity the consequences of our choices, always respecting our commitments.


Research, the drive to do better, the desire to always find a more high-performance solution, creativity – these are all part of our way of thinking and acting. We will never tire of conceiving, trying, creating, discovering, daring… Because innovation is the lifeblood of our company. Innovating has been our habit for seventy years. 


We work actively to make our contribution to the realisation of a more sustainable world in which energy waste is finally reduced and work is done on the recycling of materials. We use our ingenuity to find increasingly green solutions.

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