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Ceramic Rollers Made by diamorph HOB CerTec

The traditional Czech company diamorph HOB CerTec, ceramic roller producer with production based in Horni Briza (close to Pilsen) since 1995, is heavily enforcing its position and shares on the world tile market by proving stable quality of its ceramic refractory rollers which are continuously improved to the highest expectations of the company’s clients.

Based on the shareholders strong support for new investments (e.g. very large, ­latest-generation kiln installed in 2017; new machining center; and R&D activities for improvement of the rollers technical parameters), diamorph HOB CerTec is able to be very competitive and carefully follows the newest trends on the tile market in ­order to help its clients to implement optimal environment in their kilns for highest quality production of any type of tiles guaranteeing maximum output of first choice tiles.
The complete range of HOB CerTec high-tech rollers can face any special request of tile producers offering tailor made solutions for the production both of heavy tiles up to 3 mm thickness where the rollers must have highest Modulus of Elasticity (MOE) or large thin slabs where extreme straight dimensional tolerances are necessary.
The Hyperroll NG rollers with a MOE of 98 GPa are the most universal ones for every tile production being extremely resistant to thermal shock and allowing roller exchange at the processing temperature resulting in costs saving. The Hyperroll X rollers with a MOE of 110 MPa, beeing able to carry heavy loads, are the most suitable ones for the production of very heavy tiles (thickness of 20–30 mm). Hyperroll Dense are the first dense rollers based on a HOB CerTec patented nanoparticles body. These rollers show a MOE of 120 GPa and are available for best transport of both heavy tiles or large thin slabs in the kiln preheating zone. Their zero porosity offers a much higher resistance against chemical attack. The company’s highly qualified team offers technical support for any kind of consulting service around the clock.

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