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Ceramica Royal Aims Overseas and Chooses NuovaFima

The Egyptian firm Ceramica Royal has once again placed its confidence in NuovaFima, the brand by NuovaSima S.p.A., the Sacmi Group company specializing in the design and production of end-of-line solutions (from automatic inspection to packaging, palletizing, handling and storage) and machines for mosaic, third firing and trim segments.

More specifically, the NuovaFima brand has provided first-class sorting lines for the Royal plant in the El Obour district, a part of the country decidedly cutting-edge in terms of technology and process automation. The 2 new lines – successfully tested and started up a few months ago – will be used to manufacture large tiles, from 300 mm x 300 mm to 600 mm x 900 mm and even 900 mm x 1200 mm. Such high added-value products are ever-more appreciated by the market and require the world’s best, most comprehensive technology. Consequently, both lines come complete with a NuovaFima automatic palletizer, sorting line (with 10 stackers) and automatic packaging unit. Maximum process automation and continuous investment in the development of new sizes form the bedrock of this outstanding Egyptian company. With this latest investment Royal aims to expand not just on the home market – where it’s already one of Egypt’s highest-performing, most efficient ceramic firms – but also to make the most of interesting new opportunities on the export front.

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