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ceramitec conference Already Again on 22–23 June 2021

The ceramics industry and above all the sectors with short innovation cycles, need personal contact, exchange and presentation opportunities.

After the need to postpone ceramitec to 2022, the possibility was given for the industry to meet again in 2021. Messe München/DE and the partners of CERAMIC APPLICATIONS use together this possibility and offer the optimal platform for meeting and exchange organising the ceramitec conference. The in-person event is planned for 22–23 June 2021 in Munich/DE and takes place simultaneously with “automatica sprint” and “Laser World of PHOTONICS”.
As a result, there are multifaceted overlaps making a visit repeatedly attractive. Of major importance in the conference program will be the topics Additive Manufacturing, CIM/MIM, Thermal Processing, Industry 4.0.,Ceramic Components for Medicine and Medical Technology, Energy Technology, Mechanical Engineering, etc. Companies have the possibility to present their products and technologies in an accompanying exhibition. The two-days conference assures very easy not only the financial benefit for each participating company by the opportunity to be part of three parallel events.
Corinna Zepter ( and Igor Palka ( can already provide further information.

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