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China Continues to Dominate Cathode Production

In 2020, China continued to dominate global Li-ion battery cathode production, producing 68 % of cathode materials. Globally, 96 % of cathode materials are expected to be produced by East Asian manufacturers this year. However, this will change, but by how much is the question.

In Europe, Umicore and BASF’s cathode materials plants are advancing fast despite the pandemic, and furthermore are vowing to make greener cathode materials with CO2 emission 30 % below that of Asian imports. Tesla has ambitious plans to make its own cathodes from 2022 onwards. However, it faces challenges in achieving this given its lack of relevant experience and the technical hurdles surrounding its favoured cathode production method.

Even by 2030, Roskill still expects that most cathode material will be produced in China. The in-depth patent analysis in Roskill’s Cathode and Precursor Materials report, 1st Edition, is aimed at providing a solid understanding of the global cathode materials market from a patent perspective. Rather than just listing the patents, Roskill’s industry-centric primary research focuses on investigating the relationship between cathode business, and scientific and technological trends, through exploring key technologies and influential patents within the global cathode industry, analysing IP strength of the key IP players and depicting the patent license agreement network.

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