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CLEIA Builds New Brick Production Line

Located in the Minsk region, MZSM – second biggest brick producer in Belarus – has chosen CLEIA/FR to build its new facing brick production line equipped with the latest generation of robotized setting machine for bricks and insulating blocks.

The plant equipment which will be delivered by CLEIA comprises a new extruder, a facing brick cutting line with chamfering device, automatic lath circuits, automatic transfer cars and a new robotized setting machine for facing bricks and insulating blocks. In order to enhance cutting and chamfering quality, CLEIA has developed a new multi-wire cutter operating in two stages. The first stage consists of dividing the main column in 3 modules of equal length, then each module is cut to the final brick size with 4 chamfering edges. This technology allows to improve  quality of the cutting and chamfering operation. An automatic lath circuit for the automatic brick loading is provided as well as 2 transfer cars for the handling of the dryer cars. At the dryer exit, a robotized setting machine will allow a very accurate setting pattern for facing bricks and insulating blocks. The new production line is planned to be put in service by the beginning of 2015.

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