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CLEIA Builds the Largest Brick Plant in Maghreb

Argibordj, belonging to the Guerrouache Group entrusted CLEIA/FR with the construction of its new reference brick plant in Algeria.

The new plant will be located on the Algerian highlands in the Bordj Bou Arreridj region and will be the largest production line in the Maghreb. The new plant will produce by means of a 13-m wide Zephyr® fast dryer and a 200-m long TECHNOFAST tunnel kiln made of refractory-suspended ceiling. This new project implements all ­major developments of the CLEIA Brick Plant 4.0 Concept including the new Robo­Cer hand­ling equipment and the new super­vision system OpenCer. The plant will be commissioned in the course of the year 2015.

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