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CLEIA Business Booming

Since 2010 CLEIA positioned itself as a leader for modern production of roofing tiles showing 3 latest plants implemented in Portugal, Poland and Germany between 2011 and 2014 as reference.

CLEIA simultaneously built several turnkey units in Al­geria, Tunisia, Kurdistan, India and in Bela­rus. Thus, the company is currently building in Algeria the biggest mono-line bricks production of the Maghreb region with a cap­acity of 1000 t/d as well as installing nearly 40 robots in North Africa in 7 production lines adding up to the capacity of 5000 t/d. The success of CLEIA’s subsidiary Albaraka CIE, which has 75 employees after two years of existence, allows CLEIA to ­propose real proximity offers from the Maghreb region to heavy clay ceramics manufacturers.

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