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diamorph hob certec Doubles Firing Capacity in 2017

Focusing on the future HYPERROLL XXL firing rollers with a length up to 6,5 m, the company diamorph hob certec will install in 2017 a newly-developed huge kiln with a firing volume of 150 m3 and a firing cap­acity of up to 400 000 XXL-rollers of all HYPER­ROLL types.

The new kiln, with a worldwide unique design, will consume 35 % less gas resulting in less emissions. The kiln will reach firing temperatures up to 1660 °C with a tolerance of ±2,5 °C in all firing zones assuring best homogeneity regarding the module of elasticity, module of rupture and density through the entire roller as well as minimal tolerance regarding rotation and diameter. With the new kiln, hob certec is the only roller producer ready to fire rollers with a length of up to 8 m. This new investment is a strong commitment for the future for securing the supply of high-quality XXL-rollers type HYPERROLL-X, HYPERROLL-DENSE and HYPERROLL-NG as well as RCZ and CORRECTORROLL.

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