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Distribution Agreement between KRAHN and CUMI

 KRAHN CHEMIE/DE will be distributing silicon carbide (SiC) fine powders of Carborundum Universal Limited (CUMI)/IN in Europe. 

CUMI is part of the Murugappa Group, one of India’s leading corporations, and is among the world’s largest silicon carbide producers.
CUMI produces SiC crude and grains in India and Russia using the Acheson process. Its product range comprises black and green SiC offered in a wide array of grain sizes and particularly used for slide rings and bearings, rolls, pumps and nozzles. KRAHN CHEMIE also delivers CUMI’s standard micro-pow­ders with sizes according to ­inter­national standards such as FEPA and JIS. In addition to silicon carbide powders, KRAHN also supplies the advanced ceramics industry with zirconium and aluminum oxide, aluminum nitride and titanium dioxide powders. CUMI is part of the USD 2 billion conglomerate Murugappa Group with over 28 000 employees. The Electro Minerals Division (EMD) of CUMI is primarily in the business of manufacturing silicon carbide and alumina oxide grains for the abrasive, refractory, ceramics, wafer slicing and diesel particle filter industry. KRAHN CHEMIE belongs to the OTTO KRAHN Group and is proud to look back on a 100-year history. The company specializes in the sales, distribution, and marketing of chemical raw materials and speciality ­chem­icals. The Group achieves with 140 employees a turnover of about EUR 60 million.