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EPMA Powder Metallurgy Component Awards 2016

The European Powder Metallurgy Association announc­es the launch of its prestigious EPMA Powder Metallurgy Component Awards 2016.

The competition is open to EPMA members who manufacture all types of components made by the powder metallurgy (PM) process. The awards are for major achievements in successful commercialisa­tion or innovation of a product, taking into account cost savings, improved quality and stimulation of further usage of PM technology. There are 4 categories: Additive Manufacturing, Hot Iso­static Pressing, Metal Injection Moulding and PM Struc­tural (including Hard Materials and Diamond Tool parts). The awards will be presented during the PM2016 World Congress and Exhibition to be held in Hamburg/DE. A short video on each award winner will be prepared by the EPMA and shown during the Awards Ceremony. Extensive press coverage will be given to the winners and all entries, together with the winners, which will be prominently dis­played as part of a PM Showcase in the World PM2016 Exhibition.

Deadline for entries submission is 6 May 2016.

For further details and submission criteria, contact Joan Hallward, Awards Coordinator, E-­mail: or visit the website

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