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Extrusion – Our Core Expertise and Passion

The extrusion of ceramic and related bodies is the focus of the challenges for ECT-KEMA as a solution-provider serving to benefit our customers worldwide.

·       We develop and supply auger and piston extruders with diameters from 35 – 900 mm, for pressure rates up to 350 bar, as standalone machines or in extrusion lines from dosing and feeding to product handling upstream of the dryer.

·       In close cooperation with research institutes and universities, we develop new processes for the extrusion of ceramic components for products like batteries, fuel cells, filters, catalytic converters as well as profiles and agglomerates.

·       In our laboratory, we support our customers in the development of new products. Qualified experts and state-of-the-art equipment are available to determine “extrudability”.

The ECT-KEMA highlights at CERAMITEC:
– OPTIMA, the extruder for minimized set-up times
– Extrusion of ceramic films
– We pelletize almost anything!
– Our customer-focussed extrusion laboratory

The ECT-KEMA range of auger extruders and piston extruders for ceramic and related bodies forms the basis for our technology leadership. Continuous improvement in line with the KAIZEN principle in combination with the realization of new developments are a challenge that we gladly take up. At CERAMITEC 2022, we are presenting our current product range and our latest developments, providing visitors with relevant details.

·       The VARV 80 c “OPTIMA” de-airing extruder developed for very fast cleaning and minimized set-up times, with optimal control thanks to high-tech sensors via a unified comfort touchscreen-panel, rust-proof and highly wear-resistant augers and barrels at an attractive price.

·       We have further developed our technology for extruding dense ceramic bodies. The key advantage: complex and costly debinding during sintering is no longer necessary; even “thick films” from 0.5 mm can be produced cost-efficiently.

·       With our different pelletizer models, we can pelletize just about anything, providing it consists of a plasticizable compound.
Drawing on our rheological know-how, we can support our customers in the development of different formulations. With the cutting technology developed by ECT-KEMA, it is possible to produce pellets with a near-constant length-to-diameter ratio.

·       We are continuously upgrading our laboratory and adding state-of-the-art equipment to support our customers in the development of new products and bodies, processes and formulations. New instruments such as CAPILLAR-CHECK and PEN-CHECK III help us to determine and optimize the rheological characteristics of bodies, that is to define ideal conditions for extrusion, which are then incorporated in the tailored design of our extruders.

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