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FEM – Finite Element Method for Optimizing of Roofing Tiles

In order to satisfy at best the customer’s needs, Bongioanni/IT has developed some innovative techniques aimed at further improving the roofing tiles geometry design. Thanks to the FEM – Finite Element Method calculation, it is indeed possible to obtain the best mechanical resistance for roofing tiles by optimising weight and reducing the energy that is necessary to produce and transport the roofing tiles.

It has been 5 years since Bongioanni has first used the FEM calculation to optimize roofing tiles. The service offered by Bongioanni Stampi/IT includes the existing models scanning in short times, in order to have an electronic starting point/format. It also includes the new, and already existing, roofing tiles development: it employs modern systems and resistance tests (experimented in labs, to comply with regulations) to undergo the cargo into the wanted points, simulating the roof’s setting and the respective acting forces, that acts on it. The innovative software allows to substitute the field tests, that were essential before. It is furthermore capable of making adjustments to guarantee the desired resistance and above all, to unload the mechanical resistance of the roofing tile removing the not-influential material.

Since the 2000s, Bongioanni uses FEM calculation for the structural tests of its own equipment and has extended it even for the Bongioanni Stampi design. This first activity, in the most difficult cases, has been applied to further adapt the profiles to the process of the various gears (dryers and kilns), to observe remaining deformations with heat-cameras. In this way, the calculation can act in detail on the reached points, optimizing even more the quality of the product.

Bongioanni has been dealing with these matters for years: it’s an acting firm that reaches sustainable goals, reducing raw materials and energy consumption.


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