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First Project of SABO in Turkey

November 2010, Kilsan the largest brick producer in Turkey, trusted SABO S.A./GR for the construction of its new rapid dryer, designed to produce 600 t/d of hollow blocks.

The project included a new cutting line with slug cutter and multiwire cutter. The automatic loading-unloading of the suspended dryer cars (ballanceles) was implemented with a system with roller conveyor, pusher, and moving tray. SABO also provided the automatic moving system for the dryer cars. Finally, the line included an exit roller conveyor and a chain bench equipped with alignment mechanisms to align the bricks in rows and transport them towards the conveyors that feed the existing setting machine. The new dryer was equipped with a modern automatic control and supervising system that automatically regulates the production of the dryer and ensures high quality drying and minimum energy consumption. Giving emphasis in the energy consumption, all the motors used in the project followed the new European rules of Eff1. SABO also provided analytical engineering for all the works necessary to complete the project such as the dryer metal structure and the metal structure of the suspended cars and gave its consulting and advices for the connection of the dryer to the recovery of the existing kiln. All the necessary deliveries have been dispatched in less than 5 months while the erection and commissioning of the automations and dryer equipment was performed in a period of less than 2 months (9/2011).

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