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Graniser Chooses SACMI for its New Porcelain Tile Lines

A key market for SACMI ceramic technology for years now, Turkey has, in this first half of 2017, placed major orders with the Group. The positive trend seen in 2016, characterised by large-scale purchases, appears to be continuing.

Among the main 2016 supplies stands Graniser Seramik, which has chosen SACMI to supply a complete new line for the manufacture of porcelain tiles, as part of its long-term plant modernisation plan. Equipped with a medium and medium-large tile output capacity of 8000 m2/d, the new production plant, which successfully came on line, has already allowed this Turkish company to attend the latest edition of UNICERA, a pivotal ceramic industry event in Turkey, with a new product line: fully produced with SACMI technology, of course. New sizes include, alongside the 60 cm × 60 cm and 60 cm × 120 cm, the 80 cm × 80 cm, an all-new product for Graniser, which has its headquarters and manufacturing plant in Manisa, in the industrial district of Izmir on the Aegean coast.

One of the winning features of this SACMI-supplied plant is that it lets Graniser produce not only new sizes but also tiles as thick as 20 mm, already-popular products for which market demand is rising. To complement the complete grinding system (MMC 092 mill and ATM 65 spray drier), SACMI has also supplied two new PH 6500 presses equipped with several different mould kits – for both upper and lower moulding – and two EVA 984 driers with special 20 mm thickness kits. Note also that SACMI Digital has provided – to complement the two glazing systems supplied by Intesa – all-new DHD units featuring Dimatix heads. These belong to the latest generation of SACMI-Intesa digital printers, ever-more appreciated on the market for their efficiency, cleanliness and print quality. As for the firing department, SACMI has provided Graniser with a new 130-m FMS 285, equipped with an XTR heat recovery system; the latter can augment temperatures in combustion zones by up to 300 °C. Lastly, Nuova Sima – the SACMI company that specialises in end-of-line solutions – supplied all the product handling solutions, which include laser-guided vehicles and two sorting lines. High tile thickness, new sizes and digital decoration thus allow Graniser to lead the way on the porcelain tile market and intercept the burgeoning demand for high quality solutions and European technology while keeping pace with the most recent trends on the design front. Lastly, the far-reaching project for the renewal and modernisation of existing Graniser lines also continues: the two PH 3590 presses, recently installed to replace two competitor’s machines, now bring the total number of SACMI presses operated by this Turkish customer to five.

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