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Höganäs Enters the Ceramic Market with the Acquisition of H.C. Starck Division

In March 2018, Höganäs/SE acquired the H.C. Starck Group’s Surface Technology & Ceramic Powder Division – STC/DE, a leading producer and developer of non-oxide ceramic powders. To expand its portfolio, Höganäs acquired STC, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality surface technology, additive manufacturing and ceramic powders.

STC offers one of the most extensive material portfolios in non-oxide ceramic powders specialising in boron, boride, carbide and nitride powders. Its high-quality products are utilised in various applications, such as clean energy technologies, technical ceramics or thermal management. In addition to its vast portfolio of standard grades, STC develops ceramic powders on a customer-specific basis. “STC has some very interesting key differentiators, such as being one of the leading boron producers or the only aluminium nitride producer outside Asia”, says Hans Söderhjelm, Vice President Research and Development at Höganäs.

Höganäs will support the ceramic business with expertise from its research and development department. “With Höganäs’ support we are now in the position to speed up the development of specific powders, for example for fillers for the thermal management industry. Additionally, we have a good chance to grow our market share of ceramic pastes for the Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) applications, to only mention some of the new opportunities we have“ says Maria Teresa Suarez Martin, Director Sales and Product Management Advanced Ceramic Powders. The H.C. Starck Surface Technology and Ceramic Powders GmbH (STC) is a leading global premium producer of high quality ceramic and metal powders as well as of surface technology powders. At the sites in Goslar/DE and Laufenburg/DE, STC produces high-tech materials with unique chemical and physical properties for various industries, such as the aerospace, automotive, and electronics industries. Höganäs AB is the world‘s largest manufacturer of iron and metal powders with
around 2300 employees worldwide. Höganäs is headquartered in Sweden and has sales and production sites in the Americas, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

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