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Imerys Ceramics Egypt Blending Platform

In 2013, the Minerals for Ceramics Division has established a new blending platform in 10th of Rama­dan City near Cairo. Strategically located in Egypt’s ceramic cluster, Imerys Ceramics Egypt is dedicated to serve the Egyptian ceramic industry, tiles and sanitaryware manufacturers in particular, but also tableware and electrical porcelain insulator produ­cers, with solutions for bodies, frits, glazes and engobes.

Imerys Ceramics has developed from its product range specific references for Egyptian ceramic manufacturers. Imerys Ceramics Egypt is the only mineral solutions supplier able to provide first class world references and local quality minerals tailored for Egyptian ceramic manufacturers’ development strategies. Its mineral portfolio includes: ball clays, kaolins, feldspar, talc, the Zirex range for zirconium silicate part substitution and halloysite for premium tableware. Over 10 people are involved in the blending platform: from the processing plant to the quality control laboratory and the sales offices. ­Tailored services have been set up to address the manufacturers: technical assistance, different product forms, several forms of packaging and just-in-time deliveries.

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