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Increasing Efficiency and Throughput with ONEJOON´s Kiln Concepts

Ceramic producers can increase efficiency and throughput with ONEJOON´s/DE verified kiln concepts and ONEJOON’s L2P-Program, designed for bridging the gap from batch to continuous production.

With the objective of designing the best possible production plant, ONEJOON offers sound building blocks from the well-tested ONEJOON construction kit. During the L2P-Program, your engineers and other interested parties will have a profound understanding of the continuous manufacturing technology, an optimised heat treatment process in the continuous kiln and the corresponding machinery. The main focus of our L2P service is on the one hand the optimisation of your existing kiln and process curves (this includes, for example, an exact determination of temperature homogeneities in the entire product charge as well as the derivation of optimum gradients and soaking times) and on the other hand on a kiln and machine design that is precisely adapted to the product and production requirements. Specific design of kiln furniture and material flow and automation concepts are also customized by ONEJOON engineers and our vast partner network.

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