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Integrated Production System FLEXCELL16 Ultra Digital

Focusing on customer value, DORST TECHNOLOGIES is presenting the brand new, fully integrated FLEXCELL16 production cell for the manufacturing of high-quality pressed parts made of hard metal, technical ceramics, metal powder or other powder materials at CERAMITEC 2022.

FLEXCELL represents the successful combination of a high-precision, servo-motor-driven axial powder press with an equally precise and highly dynamic press automation system.

The main objective of the FLEXCELL development was the seamless merging of press and automation into a fully integrated unit without making any compromises in terms of accuracy, performance and user-friendliness. With the FLEXCELL system, a reduction in performance due to automated press part removal is now finally a matter of the past. In most cases, even 100 % weighing of pressed parts does not impact the performance of the programmed pressing process.

Also, a change of the sintering plate no longer means a loss of time or an interruption of the pressing process with the FLEXCELL. Part after part can be set seamlessly and continuously as the press runs on.

Despite the high dynamics and speed of the automation axes, there is no need to sacrifice maximum accuracy. The most precise and gentle placement of pressed parts on sintering plates even at the highest stroke rates has become our standard.

Naturally, the system can be completed with additional quality assurance functions such as deburring, blow-off, punch cleaning, part weighing and sinter tray measurement according to customer requirements. A broad, part-specific selection of gripper systems (vacuum suction cups, jaw grippers, balloon grippers, single, multiple) and gripper kinematics (rotate, tilt, flip) is available.

In matters of comfort, flexibility and intuitive user navigation, DORST TECHNOLOGIES is breaking completely new ground with the introduction of the app-based visualization DVS2.0. This innovative approach to the human-machine interface uses functional apps as similar known from smartphones, which can be selected and arranged depending on the application and user preferences. Programming is exclusively process oriented. Automation will be simply an integral part of the programming of the overall system.

At CERAMITEC 2022, we will be presenting the FLEXCELL16 – a production cell consisting of a servo-motor electric press with a nominal press force of 160 kN using the ejection method in conjunction with fully integrated press part automation and sinter plate storage – all from a single source DORST TECHNOLOGIES. The FLEXCELL system is also open at the top for other machine types from the DORST program for servo-motorized powder presses and thus offers wide-ranging possibilities for all requirements in the most diverse markets.

Visit us at CERAMITEC 2022 and discover the new integrated production system FLEXCELL16 – the new benchmark in reliability, performance and digital integration.

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