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Italian Ceramic Technology in 2013

The Italian ceramic machinery manufacturers have again confirmed their global leadership, with better results than last year.

The turnover in the sector was EUR 1710 million in the twelve months of 2013, representing an increase of 2,2 % com­pared with the previous year. The ­driving force behind the sales were exports, which now account for 80 % of the industrial busi­ness. Exports have registered an increase of 5,8 % bringing the total income generated outside Italy to EUR 1336,4 million. On the top of the ranking is Asia, not including China, which accounts the first place among the export markets with a turnover of EUR 221,1 million, thanks to a growth of 4 % compared to 2012 and a share of 16,2 % of total export. Next pos­itioned is the Middle East with a turnover of EUR  213,7 million (+3,2 %) equivalent to a share of 15,6 % of the total export. The European Union has dropped to the 3rd place, with sales of EUR 201,2 million, a fall of 8,9 %. Africa performed extremely well, showing increased sales by 17,5 % with a turnover of EUR 200 million, accounting for 14,6 % of total export. Most machines destined to Africa are still delivered in the northern part of the continent. Next in the ranking is South America followed by Eastern Europe, East Asia and Oceania. The export activity to China developed very strongly, with an increase of 51,6 % compared to 2012, and a total income of over EUR 100 million. The opposite trend prevailed the domestic market: sales in Italy fell by 9,9 % in 2013, standing at a level of EUR 348,3 million. The drop in the Italian market is common to the whole range of sectors based on ceramic technologies, namely the manufacturers of tiles, sanitaryware, tableware and heavy clay ceramics. The structure of the ceramic sector is almost unchanged, with 144 companies manufacturing machinery and equipment at the end of last year (7 fewer than 2012). However, jobs have remained stable, with 6049 employees, an increase of 1,3 % compared to 2012. The structure of companies in respect to their size is also unchanged, 54,9 % of all manufacturers achieved sales of less than EUR 2,5 million, while just 11,9 % of the companies have a turnover of more than EUR 10 million. The large companies are those with the highest propensity to export, reflecting the inversely proportional trend in terms of the impact on turnover compared to share of foreign markets. “The early part of 2014 has been reasonably positive” commented ACIMAC’s Chairman Fabio Tarozzi “leading to the hope that we will end the year with slight growth. Our flagship trade fair, TECNARGILLA gives us more optimism” continued Tarozzi. This year TECNARGILLA will once again be the industry’s biggest trade fair”, he concluded.

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