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Mantec Technical Ceramics and Carbon Neutrality

Mantec Technical Ceramics/GB announced that three of its energy saving ranges have now been officially classified as Carbon Neutral Products as certified by the leading international validation body ClimatePartner.

The refractory products involved are Ultralite free-flowing loose fill media – non-hazardous, inert, thermally efficient insulation materials most commonly used in cars in tunnel kilns. Ultralite is produced at Mantec’s facility in Stoke-on-Trent using a special, proprietary process. Sales Director Mark Berrisford said: “Ultralite ULF 10, 12 and 14 are now classified as Carbon Neutral Products. To the best of my knowledge, we are the first GB precision ceramics/refractories manufacturer to attain Carbon Neutral certification.”
ClimatePartner operates with a multinational team and explains that carbon neutrality means that the carbon footprint of a company’s product has been calculated on the basis of internationally recognised standards and fully offset by supporting global climate action projects. The certification that is issued after thorough analysis relies on what are referred to as “system boundaries”. System boundaries indicate which life cycle stages of a product have been made carbon neutral. The following sections were taken into account for Ultralite: material acquisition and pre-processing, production, distribution (to the initial customer) and end-of-life. Each carbon offset has its own unique ID number.

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