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Marcheluzzo S.p.A.: High Efficiency Ventilation in Brick Drying

Marcheluzzo´s three goals regarding brick drying are: Metamorphosis, Conditions Efficiency. Clay as a primary element has accompanied the evolution of mankind: from manual dough to drying in the sun. In the digital era, the drying process underwent multiple plant-based changes in a continuous confrontation with the water to be evaporated from the  brick.

Marcheluzzo S.p.A. strives every day for metamorphosis, conditions and efficiency. The ventilation of the bricks inside the dryers is not only a mechanical process but a real physical technological research aimed at achieving a sustainable balances in respect of the environment and at satisfying  the customer’s needs through targeted solutions.

Three main ventilation systems were adopted:

-Cone ventilation: high speed of air crossing on the material, but with impulsive and periodic flow; at set times the cone passes with speed in front of the dryer car.

-Perforated wall ventilation: the flow is constant and homogeneous throughout the cycle and all over the height of the dryer car with air at low speed compared to the cone.

-DT type ventilation: this system is similar to the perforated wall system but with higher flowing speed on the material.

DT drying plants are already in operation in several countries around the world for tiles and perforated products treatment, with operating cycles under 10 h.

The design of the various systems is also carried out in a tailor-made perspective: for each customer, Marcheluzzo works out a personalised solution according to the product type, the clay types and the space available in the factory. Increasingly, compact and small solutions are slowly replacing large plants, with huge advantages also in terms of maintenance and man-machine management.

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